Spotlight    Dean

Dean or "Dino" as everyone

calls him. Backs the band with his smooth

electronic sound from the keyboard

that drives the back rhythms of Rhythm Express.


In addition to playing the keys. Dean is a multitalented

performer playing saxophone and trumpet as well.

Dean also sings and drives

the music home to the 50's 60's 70's R&B pop funk Motown and Blues. Dean also handles the amazing keyboard mix.


Some of his many other talents include being an electronic

genius, being able to fix or make just about anything

which comes in real handy for the band. He once told me he designed a

multi tap foot pedal to play his keyboard while he played the

saxophone. Is he smart?.. you betcha.


So cmon out and enjoy Dean and the rest of the band of Rhythm Express

at their next performance. We love our fans. so see ya there!


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